Stuffed Animal Friend Snuggle Blanket

Baby snuggle buddy, two-sided plush blanket, cute animal icon. This blanket is easy for baby to hold on to, and is essential for nap time and bedtime. Order for your baby today. 
  • REVERSIBLE: Printed super soft touch security blanket soothes babies, infants, and toddlers
  • STUFFED ANIMAL FRIENDS: Wrap your little lamb in XOs (hugs & kisses), or an un-bear-ably cute bear snuggle blanket
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: If your animal blanket buddy gets soiled, don't worry! Send him/her for a swim in the washer, & follow the easy care instruction on the tag
  • MINKY MATERIAL: What is it? Luxurious & silky, it resembles mink to the touch, but is 100% vegan-friendly (no animals involved in making these animals!) Soft like cashmere, Minky is the ultimate fabric for making baby blankets!
  • NURSERY BUDDY: For girls and boys alike! Use in the playpen or as a swaddle blanket in the crib. Baby will love their snuggly fuzzy blanket pals

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