Baby Ear Protection Noise Cancelling Headphones


You love having your baby come along with your family, but their delicate ears mean that loud noises can be startling, frightening, and cause long term damage. These noise-canceling headphones for kids protect your little one's ears and provide peace and quiet to otherwise boisterous occasions, so you and your baby can enjoy safe fun in any environment. Great for music events, sporting events, fireworks, and more. 

  • SUITABLE FOR BABY: Trying to make adult-size headphones work for your baby's head can be both frustrating and disappointing. Luckily, these noise-canceling headsets are designed for ages 3 months to 3 years, so they'll fit both your infant and your toddler snugly and securely. Perfect for bringing your baby headphones to concerts, airplanes, fireworks shows, college football games, live music events, cinemas and so on.
  • SAFE & EFFECTIVE - The baby ear protection headphone offers an SNR 26 Db / NRR 31dB protection as designed with professional noise-dampening sponge, thickening solid cups to keep your children secure from hearing loss.
  • ZERO PRESSURE - Large internal space makes it no pressure on baby's ears, with a skin-friendly and softly padded headband on top, all we expect is to see a beautiful on your baby's face.
  • LIGHT, DURABLE - High-quality ABS material is chosen to minimize the weight which makes our earmuffs highly portable, super sturdy and durable.

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