Toddler Backpack With Safety Harness

$9.99 $19.99

The older toddlers get the more they want to be able to stretch their legs and walk on their own. While this a great step forward in their development, it can be a real problem for parents. Small children can get lost, wander off on their own, or get injured going somewhere they shouldn't. These toddler backpacks with safety harnesses provide a great solution.

The simple but adorable backpack comes with a strap that parents can hold on to keep their child close by. 

    • Two styles: ladybug and bat 
    • Adjustable padded strap and the safety buckle meet different bearing requirements, effectively reducing the carry pressure. Sliding straps maintain perfect positioning 
    • A great way to keep kids close and safe in crowds, or during family outings
    • Strap length: 35.43" approx.

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